What are dark circles?

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When your face looks terrible, it is usually because the area around your eyes is the most affected and most visible. The area around your eyes can be hollow, swollen or dull: this is what we call dark circles. The eye area is a very visible area, which is why dark circles do not go unnoticed. Some people do their best to hide dark circles with makeup, but this is not a long-term solution.

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What causes dark circles?

Generally speaking, poor blood circulation around the eyes is the cause of dark circles. Fat or pigment can stagnate under the eyes and make the skin look dull when there is a problem with blood drainage. Fatigue, whether it is mental or physical, can also lead to dark circles under the eyes. Exposure to computer or phone screens can also cause dark circles. Other causes of dark circles are aging skin and a poor lifestyle (insomnia, poor diet, smoking, etc). In some cases, dark circles under the eyes are hereditary.
Facial yoga or eye yoga is one of the best methods to keep or get back a young, radiant face. Why is it so effective? It involves strengthening facial muscles! Should I stop using cream? Of course not, cream, oil or any other skin product will act in synergy with the practice. I will present below some facial yoga exercises to tone the eye area.

Facial yoga exercises to get rid of dark circles

Exercise 1

Use your fingertips to apply pressure to your eyes. You should start at the inner corner and move towards the brow bone, i.e. the hairline. Finish these pressure movements in the area above your cheekbones.

Exercice 2

This exercise involves doing a posture which is called the lion position (Singhasana). For this exercise, you should sit on your heels while bending your knees. Make sure your back is in a straight position. Once you are in this position, breathe in gently and then breathe out. You should open your eyes wide and open your mouth and stick out your tongue as much as you can when you exhale. Do this for one minute or 60 seconds before releasing.

Exercise 3

This exercise involves making a bridge with your body. To do this, you must put your hands and feet flat on the ground and then lift half of your body. The lift should form a bridge. Your heels should be on the ground and you should stay in this position for 3 minutes. Remember to breathe normally during this exercise. You will manage to get rid of your dark circles if you do these movements regularly.