What is TrichoScale®?

This is a scalp scanner (phototrichogram).

When should you get a TrichoScale®?

Recommended for hair loss treatments or hair transplants. This examination can also be performed if there is a suspicion of abnormal hair cycles.


What is TrichoScale® used for?

TrichoScale® allows us to assess the extent of hair loss, the proportion of pathological hair and, in case a treatment is required, to evaluate its impact on hair loss.
We recommend getting a trichoscopy to determine the cause of hair loss.

Which factors are tested?

TrichoScale® measures:
  • hair surface, number and density
  • average length of the hair
  • anagen/telogen ratio
  • number and density of vellus and terminal hairs
  • hair thickness
  • number of follicular units (useful for hair transplants)
  • the number of hairs per follicular unit

How is the examination done?

The biologist shaves and colors a small round area of the scalp (about one centimeter diameter). He then takes a microscopic picture of the area in reflected light, which is then magnified up to 20 times. The area is shaved and a second image is taken 48 hours after shaving to determine the anagen to telogen ratio.
The pictures are analyzed using software specialized in skin imaging. This software automatically analyzes the different factors, which will then serve as the foundation for the final diagnosis approved by Dr. Pierre Bouhanna.

Good to know

  • The examination is painless and lasts about 20 minutes.
  • Please do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours prior to the appointment and do not brush your hair the day before or on the day of the examination.


100 € (non-refundable by social security)