The scalp can develop tumors, just like the rest of the skin.
These tumors can be benign. For example, keratinous cysts, sebaceous cysts or melanocytic nevi (moles).
There are also malignant tumors. These include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. These tumors are types of skin cancer that are more or less serious. They mainly affect patients with white skin and are generally the result of too frequent and too long exposure to the sun. Genetic predisposition, exposure to x-rays, human papilloma virus and some chemicals, as well as burns or persistent wounds can lead to the development of such tumors.
CMCC dermatologists treat all types of tumors.
In the case of a benign tumor, they will only recommend surgery if the tumor causes obvious practical or aesthetic discomfort.
In the case of a cancerous tumor or suspected cancerous tumor, they will remove it as soon as possible. An early treatment allows a complete and definitive recovery even in the most serious cases of malignant melanoma.

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