Our surgeons' publications

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University Diploma in Scalp Surgery (Paris Sorbonne University)

Directors: Dr Pierre Bouhanna – Dr Marc Divaris
This diploma offers a comprehensive understanding of the scalp to surgeons and dermatologists: anatomy, biology, pathology as well as medical and surgical treatments.
It combines theoretical and practical teaching in the dissection room and during internships in the operating room, thus formalizing the acquisition of specific knowledge in this specialty.
conférence universitaire

Some of our surgeons teach this University Diploma every year.

The course is taught over a period of one year in 2 sessions of 4 consecutive days.

Some courses will be given in English.
1 or 2 half-days internship in the operating room.
Theoretical teaching: 90h / Practical teaching: 15h / Clinical teaching: 20h.
Attendance at all activities is mandatory.


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