Since the early 2000s, the treatment of hair loss – with or without thinning – has continued to progress.
There are many therapeutic and surgical solutions available now that can stop, limit or correct all forms of pathological hair loss, including androgenetic, post-traumatic or inflammatory alopecia.

Patiente en train d'être traitée pour une alopécie androgénétique
Each treatment at the CMCC relies on a complete hair diagnosis that allows the physician to precisely identify the pathological cause and to assess its likely progression. Of course, the objective is to determine a suitable treatment protocol.
The CMCC offers the following solutions to stop alopecia or limit its progression:
The CMCC’s specialists surgically perform hair grafts (FUE or FUL-FUT) to correct alopecia. This procedure can be followed by a hair dermopigmentation for aesthetic purposes.
CMCC doctors and surgeons can also: