NEWS – CMCC acquires a new U225 gun to improve its patients’ comfort

Patiente faisant une séance de mésothérapie au CMCC Paris
CMCC Paris offers several injection treatments to its patients, such as hair mesotherapy and PRP treatment.
In order to offer the highest quality of care, CMCC Paris recently acquired a new U225 gun, a high frequency meso-injector that improves the patients’ comfort and treatment’s effectiveness.
Here’s a quick overview.

What is hair stimulation by injection?

Hair stimulation by injection involves introducing substances directly into the scalp that have a positive impact on hair growth. For example:

  • In a PRP treatment, the doctor will inject platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) taken from the patient’s own blood.
    In hair mesotherapy, a combination of polyvitamins, amino acids, trace elements, minerals and vasodilators is injected into the scalp.

Brosse et main pleine de cheveux

Hair stimulation by injection aims to normalize hair loss and, in some patients, to stimulate hair growth. As such: :

  • Platelet-rich plasma activates hair microcirculation and regenerates hair follicle cells. PRP treatment is often prescribed as a complement to a hair transplant and can sometimes significantly slow down hair loss after the first session. An increase in hair density can also be observed in some patients.
  • Hair mesotherapy deeply nourishes the hair roots while stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. Hair loss slows down after two months of treatment and an increase in hair diameter can be observed sometimes.

Hair stimulation treatments are often prescribed to people suffering from telogen effluvium or androgenetic alopecia because of their effectiveness on some patients.

Improving the patient’s comfort

As the name implies, hair stimulation by injection techniques require injecting substances intradermally with sterile microneedles. This can be uncomfortable for some patients.

Pistolet U225 pour les thérapies capillaires par injection

CMCC Paris decided to purchase a U225 automatic gun to make this procedure less painful. The U225 gun is made in France by the company Needle Concept and is specially designed for aesthetic medicine. It offers a high level of comfort to patients.
The thinness of the needles, the device’s ability to perform micro-injections in a very regular and extremely fast manner (up to 425 micro-injections per minute) and the suppression of vibratory phenomena limit the feeling of pain and prevent bruising.
Side effects are effectively minimized after a mesotherapy or PRP treatment session performed with a U225 gun. The patient may still notice some marks on the scalp, but they are almost invisible and fade away after a day or two. Bruising is very rare.

Improving the effectiveness of injection treatments

Another advantage of the U225 gun is its positive impact on the effectiveness of injection treatments for both mesotherapy and PRP treatments.
This is achieved by:
  • a very high rate of injections (“high frequency”) ;
  • a consistent and repeatable injection rate;
  • the ability to adjust the depth of penetration of the needle (between 1 and 10 mm);
  • the U225 gun built-in blocking system, which minimizes the loss of product during the session.
Of course, this device is completely safe from a health perspective. Everything that comes into contact with the patient – in particular the syringe – is single-use and discarded after the session.

What happens during a stimulation session with a U225 gun?

At the beginning of the session, the CMCC Paris doctor prepares the injection product and inserts it into the U225 gun.
After putting a new micro-syringe on the gun, the doctor adjusts the injection rate and the depth at which he wants to inject the product.
He then asks the patient to sit in the chair before positioning the U225 gun on the area affected by hair loss. He then pulls the trigger to introduce the product into the patient’s scalp. The injection is done at the selected frequency and depth and the pain is moderate.

If you would like more information about hair stimulation treatments, please contact the CMCC at 01 84 83 14 00 or make an appointment by clicking here.