Hair mesotherapy is a solution that stimulates hair growth. This technique has been used in the medical and aesthetic fields since the 1950s. It involves injecting various polyvitamins into the dermis of the scalp to deeply nourish the hair follicle. Two months of treatment are generally sufficient to normalize hair loss and sometimes to increase hair density.

The advantages of hair mesotherapy

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Can be used in case of diffused hair loss

What is hair mesotherapy?

The objective is to stimulate the hair bulbs on a long-term basis. A mix of polyvitamins is used to treat the hair and improve the blood circulation of the scalp.
The polyvitamins are injected directly into the capillary dermis to maximize the effectiveness of mesotherapy. It generally takes two months to notice a significant decrease in hair loss and sometimes an increase in hair density.

Une patiente en train de faire une mésothérapie capillaire

For which patients?

Hair mesotherapy is a therapeutic solution offered to men and women whose hair needs to be stimulated. It is particularly recommended in the following cases fine and dull hair
localized or diffuse hair loss
androgenetic hair loss

What are the results?

Generally speaking, the patient will notice important results from the second month of treatment:
 – a decrease in hair loss
 – occasionally, an increase in hair diameter

After four months of treatment, the hair can sometimes be denser.

What happens during a hair mesotherapy session?

Hair mesotherapy must be performed by a specialized doctor.
The doctor injects a mixture of polyvitamins made up of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and vasodilators intradermally using a sterile microneedle. These polyvitamins affect the hair follicle and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.
4 to 6 sessions are required for a complete treatment: 1 session every 2 weeks for 2 to 3 months. Maintenance sessions may sometimes be needed to maintain the result.

Une patiente en train de faire une mésothérapie capillaire


Hair diagnosis*: 80 €.
1 mesotherapy session: 150 €.
* A hair diagnosis is important to determine the right dosage of vitamins and to monitor the treatment’s effectiveness. 

Hair mesotherapy FAQ

Is hair mesotherapy really effective?

YES – The effects of mesotherapy are visible from the second month of treatment. It slows down hair loss, while stimulating the hair growth process. In addition, the micro-nutrients injected into the scalp make the hair more resistant. The effectiveness of hair mesotherapy also depends on other factors: genetics, associated diseases, stress, etc.

Is mesotherapy long-lasting?

YES – However, a maintenance session once or twice a year is recommended to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Is it painful?

NO – Mesotherapy is performed without anesthesia and is painless. Minor discomfort may be felt a few hours after the injections, but it is limited and occasional.

Are there any technical constraints?

NO – Mesotherapy is absolutely non-invasive. Only sterile microneedles are used to inject the polyvitamin mixture.

Are there any contraindications to hair mesotherapy?

YES – We do not recommend mesotherapy in the following cases: skin and scalp diseases, allergies, blood circulation problems, cancer, infectious disease.

I've been losing a lot of hair since I gave birth. Can mesotherapy help me stop this process?

YES – Mesotherapy is a sometimes effective way to normalize postpartum hair loss.

I have a bald spot. Is it too late to do mesotherapy?

NO – Hair mesotherapy is effective in most cases. If you are in the early stages of baldness, you will see a decrease in hair loss and sometimes an increase in hair density. If you are in an advanced stage, you will sometimes see a result, but it will be less pronounced.