Eyebrow alopecia is a common reason for both women and men to seek treatment. Eyebrow alopecia is defined as hair loss in the eyebrow arch. It can be diffuse or localized, partial or total, acute or mild. Dermopigmentation or permanent make-up of the eyebrows is an effective solution which realistically and durably mimics the eyebrow. It not only creates a natural dense effect, but also conceals scars.

Advantages of permanent eyebrow makeup

  • Realistically mimics or thickens the eyebrow hair.
  • Conceals the scars of the eyebrow arch
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Immediate and lasting effects
  • Minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure

What is permanent eyebrow makeup?

Like trichopigmentation or dermopigmentation of the beard or moustache, permanent eyebrow makeup is a medical tattoo technique that realistically mimics hair by injecting natural pigments into the skin of the eyebrow arch. Dermopigmentation can thus thicken an eyebrow, recreate the eyebrow line or conceal a scar.
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Une dermographe en train d'ausculter une patiente pour la dermopigmentation de ses sourcils
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For which patients?

Dermopigmentation of the eyebrows is particularly recommended for patients who suffer from eyebrow alopecia or who want to conceal a scar located on the eyebrow arch.

What are the results?

Dermopigmentation can realistically fill in the bald areas of the eyebrows in one or two sessions. Depending on the patient, the tattoo will last for one to four years before fading gradually.
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