After studying at Northeastern University in Boston and completing her MAGC degree at AUP in 2014, Lisa worked for different world-renowned pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups such as Roche, Pfizer and L’Oréal Research & Innovation. Having a knack for digital marketing and community building, she organized the presence of L’Oréal Paris at the WCD World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver in 2015 (80m2 booth, 9 000 dermatologists), and the Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum in Washington in  2016 (50 sessions, 400 speakers).

In 2019, Lisa co-founded CMCC, a medical center entirely dedicated to the diagnostic and therapeutic management of hair and scalp pathologies, as well as aesthetic treatments.

However, her passion and desire to work in the medical sector originated far before her university studies. Coming from a family of doctors and surgeons including her father and brother, respectively Pierre Bouhanna and Eric Bouhanna, the importance of patient / expert relationships is a cause near and dear to her heart. Lisa’s work ethic places importance on ensuring excellent care standards and care proximity in all of her engagements.

It is in this family and professional context that Lisa uses her breadth of cross-functional expertise to lead the CMCC with the fundamental values that built her.