Asian hair is characterized by its straightness. Alopecia affects a certain number of Asian people and can sometimes be particularly noticeable. In this case, one or more hair transplants can be done to permanently conceal the bald areas of the head.

Femme asiatique

Which hair pathologies are Asians prone to?

Asian hair is often thicker than other types of hair, with a diameter of 90 to 120 µm. This makes it particularly strong. Nevertheless, Asian people are also affected by hair loss. Currently, the most frequent reason for consultation is androgenetic alopecia, which affects both men and women.

Can a transplant be done on Asian hair?

Hair transplants are well suited for patients of Asian origin. Depending on the extent of baldness and the density of the donor area, two types of procedures are recommended:

FUL grafts (long hair FUT)

This technique is recommended for patients of Asian origin who suffer from severe baldness and whose hair density in the occipital and temporal areas is average or even low. The FUL procedure allows for the extraction of up to 4,000 follicular units in a single session, without prior shaving of the donor area. This method has the disadvantage of requiring the removal of a strip of scalp at the back of the skull and therefore leaves a very thin scar (less than one millimeter wide).

FUE grafts

The FUE procedure is recommended for patients of Asian origin, who have limited alopecia and who wish to continue shaving their head in the future. The follicular units are extracted with a motorized micro-punch. The extraction only leaves small circular dots of less than one millimeter in diameter. The advantage is that the surgeon can extract hair follicles not only from the occipital area of the head, but also from the temples, which increases the potential donor area by 30-50%. The disadvantage of FUE is that no more than 2,000 follicular units can be transplanted per session and that it often requires prior shaving of the donor area or even the entire head and leaves micro-scars less than 1mm in diameter.