FUE without shaving is recommended to correct a minor alopecia (tonsure, gulfs or frontal line). This recent technique allows the extraction of implants without shaving the scalp, whether in the donor area or the implantation area. This allows for an almost immediate resumption of socio-professional activities.

The advantages of FUE without shaving

  • Corrects alopecia which is limited to one area in an unnoticeable, definitive and aesthetic way
  • Allows the extraction of up to 1000 to 1200 grafts in a single session
  • No shaving or stitches are required
  • Return to professional activities is almost immediate

What is FUE without shaving?

FUE without shaving is a hair transplant technique that allows the reimplantation of hair follicles taken from areas not affected by alopecia, namely the back of the head and the temples, on bald areas of the scalp.
This is currently the least invasive grafting technique, as the extraction is done with a micro-punch. This circular, sharp surgical tool is used to remove all skin and fat connections from the follicular units. It has the advantage of leaving only infra-millimeter microdot scars that are barely perceptible to the naked eye on a clean shaven scalp.
As its name indicates, FUE without shaving does not require shaving the patient’s hair, even partially. However, only 1,000 to 1,200 grafts can be extracted in one session.

For which patients?

FUE transplant without shaving can be performed on both men and women with alopecia limited to one area.

What are the results?

FUE without shaving can cover a bald area in a natural and dense way. The transplanted hair will grow for the patient’s lifetime, since it comes from a part of the scalp that is insensitive to the hormone responsible for alopecia.

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Which steps are involved?

1st step: defining the receiving area

The surgeon determines the area where the new hair will be implanted, with the consent of the patient.

2nd step: hair follicle extraction

The surgeon performs a local anesthesia and then extracts the hair follicles with a micro-punch. This is a circular sharp instrument of 0.8 to 0.9 mm in diameter. It is used to extract the follicles from the scalp. FUE technique without shaving allows for the extraction of between 1,000 and 1,200 grafts in one session.

Step 3: Graft preparation

The surgeon uses a micro forceps to collect the grafts, which are immediately placed in enriched culture medium. The assistant sorts them according to the number of hairs per follicular unit. Each follicular unit contains between one and four hairs.

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4th step: graft implantation

The surgeon implants the grafts while following the direction of growth. The grafts are implanted using a Choï implanter. This very fine tool allows to perform the micro-perforation and the implantation of the graft in the bald area at the same time.

FUE without shaving FAQ

Are the effects of an FUE transplant without shaving visible immediately?

NO – The stem of the implanted hair falls naturally a few days after the procedure. It takes an average of 3 to 4 months for the implanted roots to grow new hair. The results becomes noticeable after 5 or 6 months. From the 6th to the 12th month, the implanted hair gains in density, thickness and quality. The result is considered definitive after one year.

Are the transplanted hairs definitive?

YES – They come from areas of the scalp that are not sensitive to the hormone that causes alopecia. Therefore, the transplanted hair will last for the patient’s entire life.

Is there a risk of rejection?

NO – Because the transplanted hair is the patient’s own.

Is the procedure painful?

NO – All hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia, so the procedure is completely painless for the patient.

Is it true that FUE without shaving leaves no scars?

NO – Even though it is minimally invasive, FUE transplants still requires the extraction of hair follicles from the scalp. Nevertheless, this extraction is done with a micro-punch which leaves circular scars measuring less than a millimeter in diameter. The result is almost invisible and this is why the FUE technique is generally recommended to patients who like to cut their hair very short or even shaved.

Can I quickly return to my usual activities after an FUE transplant without shaving?

YES – An FUE transplant without shaving will allow you to resume your social activities one or two days after the procedure. However, an edema may appear on the forehead. It usually disappears after three to five days.

I have severe baldness. Can I get an FUE without shaving?

NO – An FUE transplant without shaving is only recommended for patients with minor alopecia. It only allows the extraction of 1,200 grafts, which is not enough for more severe alopecia. In this case, we recommend either an FUE with shaving, or an FUL (FUT long hair) which allows the removal of up to 4,000 grafts in a single session.

Does an FUE transplant without shaving look good?

YES – This is the surgeon’s priority. To achieve this, a high density per cm2 is required. At the same time, the orientation of the implants recreates a natural and aesthetic movement of the hair.

Are there any contraindications to the FUE technique without shaving?

YES – FUE without shaving is not recommended for patients with low hair density in the donor area.

Does FUE without shaving cure alopecia?

NO – FUE without shaving is not a treatment for hair loss. It can only correct alopecia permanently.