Eyebrow transplant: CMCC’s customized approach

Gros plan sur l'oeil et le sourcil d'une jeune femme
Are you not satisfied with your eyebrows and would like to correct them? Eyebrow transplants are the most effective solution to reconstruct or re-densify them in a natural and permanent way. This procedure has become quite common in recent years, but it is still particularly delicate from an aesthetic point of view. At the CMCC, the surgeons who perform eyebrow transplants are experienced specialists who have developed tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Situation n°1 : The tails of your eyebrows have disappeared.

Diagnosis: You suffer from partial alopecia on the outer part of your eyebrows.
Possible Causes: Your eyebrow tails have probably been plucked repeatedly. This accelerates the growth rate of your hairs until your hair capital is prematurely depleted.
CMCC Solution: Eyebrow grafting is an effective solution to reconstruct an eyebrow tail. During the procedure, your CMCC surgeon will always make sure to select hair follicles and graft them at an angle. The shape will be defined with the patient according to his or her expectations and the general shape of the eyebrows.

Situation n°2 : you lost all your eyebrow hairs.

Diagnosis : You most likely have total alopecia of the eyebrows. Note that this can affect one or both eyebrows.
Possible causes: Your alopecia totalis can be pathological – hair loss, anemia, hyperthyroidism – or accidental – a car accident, a burn.
CMCC Solution: A complete reconstruction using eyebrow grafts is a sensitive procedure from an aesthetic point of view. This is why CMCC surgeons always take the time to discuss with their patients about their expectations. Patients must decide whether they want their eyebrows to be thick or thin; have a smooth curve; grow out to the lateral third; or to be located on, under, or above the brow bone.

Situation n° 3: You have a scar on your eyebrow.

Diagnosis: You suffer from scarring alopecia. The hair follicles in your eyebrow have been irreversibly destroyed and replaced by smooth, shiny skin.
Possible causes: Scarring alopecia of the eyebrow may have been caused by an accident, a burn, a piercing that was removed or an inflammatory disease (psoriasis, frontal fibrosis alopecia, discoid lupus erythematosus).
CMCC Solution: An eyebrow transplant can effectively hide the scar. The procedure will depend on its size and location. If it is located on the top of the eyebrow, then the surgeon will transplant the hairs vertically; if it is on the bottom, he will implant them horizontally; finally, if it is on the tail, he will position them at an angle.

Situation n°4 : Your eyebrows are sparse.

Diagnosis : You suffer from thinning hair on your eyebrows. In other words, your eyebrows are sparse and you can see the skin through the hair.
Possible causes: Aging is the main cause of balding eyebrows. With age, the hairs are less strong and tend to become thinner.
CMCC Solution: Eyebrow transplants are recommended to re-densify an eyebrow arch. The surgeon will implant the grafts between the existing hair follicles, taking care to respect the position of the hairs.
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