Specialties: long hair FUT grafts (FUL), afro hair grafts, post-chemo hair grafts.
Dr. Pierre Bouhanna is a dermatologist specializing exclusively in scalp surgery. He is affiliated with the Saint Louis Hospital (Sabouraud Center) and is a former expert for the French Ministry of Health. Dr. Pierre Bouhanna is the co-founder of the CMCC. He has developed hair diagnostic methods and long hair FUT transplant techniques. He has conducted important research on African and Asian hair transplants, as well as on eyebrow and beard transplants. He is the author of 11 books and more than 140 scientific articles. He regularly speaks at international conferences. He is also the director of the university diploma “Pathology and Therapeutic Surgery of the Scalp” at the Sorbonne University (Paris-VI). He also teaches at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and is a member of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS).
Le docteur Pierre Bouhanna, co-fondateur du CMCC à Paris