Specialties: dermatology, treatment of inflammatory diseases of the scalp, anti-hair loss treatment, mesograft, PRP treatment, mesotherapy, microneedling, hair diagnostics
Dr. Danny Bakhos holds a doctorate from the UTESA-UCSD Faculty of Medicine (United States) and a degree in “Pathology and Therapeutics of the Scalp” from the University of Paris VI. He is a dermatologist specializing in the treatment of scalp pathologies. He has been working at the Sabouraud Center of the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris since 2010. From 2016 to 2019, he also worked in the dermatology department of Pr. M. Bagot at the same hospital.
Alongside his hospital practice, Dr. Danny Bakhos works at the CMCC, where he treats patients suffering from alopecia or inflammatory diseases of the scalp. Depending on the case, he prescribes anti-alopecic treatments, hair stimulation sessions by injection or dermatological treatments. Each of his interventions involves a complete capillary diagnosis.
Dr. Danny Bakhos has been practicing for nearly thirty years and is registered with the Paris Medical Association. He is also a member of several dermatology expertise networks (Resopso). Finally, he is the author of several books and scientific articles on androgenetic and scarring alopecia.