Dermopigmentation’s puropse is the same whether we’re talking about “permanent make-up” or “medical tattooing”: it’s an aesthetic medical tool that introduces a pigment into the skin to mimic the presence of hair.
Dermopigmentation’s advantage is that it realistically replicates the appearance of the hair.

Résultat dermopigmentation des sourcils sur une femme

We offer two types of procedures at the CMCC:
    • permanent eyebrow makeup that densifies and even restores the eyebrow arch.
    • dermopigmentation of the beard and moustache, which also creates density and even fills in holes
In both cases, the dermograph will insert medical pigments under the facial skin using an electrical device with one or more sterile disposable needles. The dermopigmentation technique will depend on the desired result, but also on the area that needs to be treated.
The resulting tattoo is semi-permanent and lasts from one to four years depending on the patient’s skin type and its natural acidity. If you wish, you can have a touch-up session once the pigments have dissipated or change the pattern to better suit your preferences.