Hair dermopigmentation, also known as trichopigmentation or micro-pigmentation, is a micro-tattooing technique of the scalp that aims to conceal baldness or a permanent scar. Dermopigmentation is painless, long-lasting and has no side effects. It mimics the appearance of hair, creating a natural hair density effect.

The advantages of hair dermopigmentation

  • Creates an instant, natural and discreet concealing effect
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Suitable for all hair types (long, short and short)
  • Recommended in cases of androgenetic, diffuse, traumatic and accidental alopecia

What is dermopigmentation?

Dermopigmentation is a medical and semi-permanent tattooing technique that can be used to conceal a bald spot or a scalp scar.

In practice, trichopigmentation involves inserting pigments into the superficial layer of the capillary dermis to mimic the presence of hair.

If the patient has long hair, the specialist will draw micro-lines to densify the bald areas; if the hair is short, he will tattoo micro-dots to create a “shaved head” effect.

In both cases, the result is instant and natural.


For which patients?

Dermopigmentation is suitable for most people suffering from hair loss (baldness, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia) or who have scars on their scalp (due to skull surgery, chemotherapy, accidents or burns).
Dermopigmentation can be performed on both men and women, whether they have long, short or short hair.