An increasing number of patients wish to correct their facial hair.
For some, this involves recreating or thickening eyebrows that have become bald after repeated hair removals, anemia, hyperthyroidism, aging, trauma or, more rarely, alopecia. For others, it involves densifying a beard or moustache that is considered too thin. For others, it’s a matter of concealing a scar caused by an accident or a skin condition on the eyebrows, cheeks or lips.
Whatever the case, the patient often suffers significant psychological consequences, which is why the CMCC offers effective and natural solutions both surgically and aesthetically.

Correction de la pilosité du visage

Eyebrow, beard and moustache grafts

Eyebrow, beard and mustache grafts involve the surgical removal of hair follicles from the scalp to reimplant them in the brow bone, the cheeks or above the upper lip. This procedure is becoming more common, but it requires a lot of skill from the surgeon, who must be able to achieve a natural result, while meeting the patient’s aesthetic expectations.

Dermopigmentation of eyebrows, beard and moustache

Dermopigmentation is a medical and semi-permanent micro-tattooing technique that involves injecting pigments into the patient’s skin to imitate the presence of hairs and fill in bald spots. Dermopigmentation can be performed on the eyebrows as well as on the beard and moustache.