Hair loss without thinning, also known as “telogen effluvium”, is a temporary disruption of the hair cycle.
Telogen effluvium results in massive hair loss that affects all areas of the scalp. Patients who suffer from it suddenly experience their hair thinning and falling out in large quantities, sometimes even in handfuls.

Cheveux tombés après coiffage

This hair disorder is caused by non-genetic factors. It usually occurs two to four months after a traumatic episode, such as intense stress, childbirth, general anesthesia, infectious disease, emotional shock or a major nutritional deficiency.
From a psychological point of view, telogen effluvium is particularly difficult for patients. On the other hand, from a medical point of view, it is a temporary phenomenon: the hair that falls out immediately grows back. Furthermore, solutions exist to stop hair loss and accelerate hair growth.
Telogenous effluvium is the second leading cause of alopecia in women, but it also affects men.
Telogenic effluvium in women Telogenic effluvium in men