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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an FUE transplant?

Résultat greffe FUE sur un homme

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants are performed using a motorized punch to remove individual grafts. The bulbs are then re-implanted into the bald areas with a Choï implanter. This technique is suitable for all types of baldness. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE FUE TECHNIQUE? The micro-scars left on the donor area after an […]

Eyebrow transplant: CMCC’s customized approach

Gros plan sur l'oeil et le sourcil d'une jeune femme

Are you not satisfied with your eyebrows and would like to correct them? Eyebrow transplants are the most effective solution to reconstruct or re-densify them in a natural and permanent way. This procedure has become quite common in recent years, but it is still particularly delicate from an aesthetic point of view. At the CMCC, […]

CMCC Focus: FUE transplant without shaving

Jeune homme

The FUE transplant without shaving is a hair transplantation technique that involves extracting follicular units from the scalp one by one and then implanting them on bald areas of the scalp. As its name suggests and unlike other FUE methods, this technique does not require shaving the donor area. It is the least invasive and […]

FUT/FUE graft scars: what are the differences?

Jeune homme souffrant d'une alopécie androgénétique

FUT and FUE are currently the most successful hair transplant techniques used by hair transplant specialists around the world. Regardless of the method recommended by your surgeon, the goal remains the same: to extract hair follicles from the parts of the scalp not affected by androgenetic alopecia to cover the bald areas. The way follicular […]

FUT or FUE hair transplant: how to choose?

Un chirurgien et son assistant en train de faire une greffe capillaire

Patients suffering from baldness are well aware that hair transplants are the most suitable surgical solution to correct their hair problems in a permanent and aesthetic way. However, when they start to do some research online or discuss it with their surgeon, they realize that they have to choose between two hair transplant methods: the […]

Hair transplant in Paris: the permanent solution to correct baldness

chirurgien en train d'opérer un patient

Baldness is the most common hair pathology in France. 12 million French people are affected by androgenetic alopecia, which leads to the progressive balding of the top of the scalp. While there are a number of treatments that can slow down the hair loss process, there are still no therapeutic solutions to permanently cure it. […]

Doctor Pierre Bouhanna interviewed on the 8 o’clock news on TF1!

Dr Pierre Bouhanna

On Friday, January 10, the French television channel TF1 aired a segment called “Hair loss: real solutions and fake promises”. The co-founder of the CMCC, Doctor Pierre Bouhanna, was interviewed as an expert scalp surgeon. This was an opportunity to discuss a pathology that affects nearly twelve million French people. Patients are suffering from this […]

Why can a hair transplant fail?

Homme ayant une alopécie androgénétique

Baldness affects many people in France and elsewhere. More than 66% of men and women are affected by this pathology and one third of them will eventually become partially or totally bald. Very often, androgenetic alopecia is not well accepted, whether on a psychological, social or professional level. There is no treatment today, however effective, […]