What is a hair biopsy?

A scalp biopsy involves extracting a small section of the scalp and examining it under a microscope.

When is a hair biopsy needed?

It should be done when alopecia persists or when there is a doubt about the diagnosis determined by other examinations. This examination must be prescribed by a doctor.
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What is the purpose of a hair biopsy?

A biopsy analyzes the fine tissues of the scalp by examining the number of hair follicles and their structure. The goal is to find out if the hair follicles are normal or if they are subject to inflammatory processes that may cause them to fall out. A biopsy will also show if the alopecia is scarred and if there are any cellular infiltrations. 

What happens during a hair biopsy?

During a biopsy, a small piece of tissue is extracted from the patient’s scalp. The sample is extracted under local anesthesia, preferably in an active inflammatory area.
The tissue is then analyzed in a laboratory by a specialized doctor who can determine the exact cause of the hair loss or alopecia.
Good to know
  • The biopsy is done under local anesthesia and is therefore painless.
  • The examination takes about 30 minutes.