The CMCC is entirely dedicated to the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of hair and scalp pathologies as well as esthetics.
This multidisciplinary team is available to assist all its patients. The team is now made up of dermatologists, plastic and maxillo-facial surgeons, aesthetic physicians, biologists and trichopigmentation specialists.
The CMCC offers comprehensive patient care. The center is equipped with several diagnostic tools such as digital trichoscopy and trichoscale devices.




We are committed to a culture of excellence, which is why we only collaborate with experienced physicians and surgeons who are specialized in the treatment of hair pathologies.


Our number one priority is our patients’ satisfaction, which is why we only offer solutions whose therapeutic or aesthetic effectiveness is scientifically supported.


Before each procedure, we carry out an in-depth assessment to establish a precise diagnosis of the patient’s capillary condition and define a customized treatment and care protocol.



We place great value on research and teaching. We regularly participate in various congresses, conduct research protocols and write scientific articles.


We are aware that having a hair pathology is a difficult condition for patients to live with. This is why we always try to listen to them and offer them  personal psychological support if needed.