The Scalp Medical and Surgical Center is located in the Étoile district of Paris and specializes exclusively in hair treatment and surgery for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.
The center is equipped with a hair exploration center, a surgical center and a dermatological center.
Its activities cover the entire medical and surgical field of the scalp.
Our facilities are complete, modern and equipped with a reception room, two waiting rooms, two consultation offices, four treatment rooms, two surgical rooms, two rest rooms and a sterilization room.
These facilities allow a comprehensive care of patients in the best possible conditions.
The CMCC offers the following procedures:
  • hair diagnosis: trichoscopy, trichoscan, biopsy
  • hair transplant : FUE with partial shave, FUE with full shave, FUE without shave, FUL
  • stimulation by injections: regenerative treatment, PRP, mesotherapy, microneedling
  • light therapy
  • anti-alopecic treatment
  • psychological support